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 SAM TRAVEL PERU is an innovative adventure trekking company that offers unparalleled experiences to unknown and untouched wilderness areas. Our adventure treks are specific and carefully designed to cater to your needs. Our passions are sharing our tours with you through the incredible landscapes the Andes has to offer! We highly recommend our alternative treks to Machu picchu and other locations as a remarkable and insightful way to go Off the Beaten Path and experience the authenticity of Peru. We have the HIGHEST QUALITY SERVICE, an OUTSTANDING REPUTATION because we can GUARANTEE the best quality service through our SAM TRAVEL PERU staff and guides to strictly operate our treks. We are a locally sustainable and responsible tour operator, that incorporates universal principles of tourism. With this in mind, we have trained all of our staff within these principles.

When did SAM Travel Peru start?

The company started in 2013, its owner, Saul Alvarez Montalvo became passionate about providing people the best quality service possible. He opened the tour company SAM Travel Peru and ever since then have been one of the top tour operators within the Cusco region!

Why was SAM Travel Peru started

The owner of SAM Travel Peru, Saul wanted to create more work opportunities for the local communities within the Andes. He employs from these communities to help grow better situations for them in areas such as self-sustainability, education and more. Porters that work with SAM Travel Peru receive a better salary than most of tour operators and respect the welfare of its workers’ to give back and support their families especially the children.

Why should I travel with SAM Travel Peru?

SAM Travel Peru is a family owned tour operator based in Cusco with personal experience over many years of trekking. SAM Travel Peru is a 1oo% Cusquenian Company without any shareholders. We provide high quality service as well as focusing on having small groups to enhance the travel experience. Our groups never go higher than 8 persons. This is what makes us stand out from other tour operators.

Sam Travel Peru Staffs

Our Team

Our team of guides are from the Cusco region and speak Spanish and English fluently with the majority of them also speaking Quechua (the native language of Peru). They hold degrees in tourism and have a minimum of experience of 2 years under their belts. They are passionate about teaching others of the local flora and fauna as well as their roots in their Andean/Inca history and heritage.

Our guides come highly recommended as they are dedicated to continued personal development, are extremely patient and love to do their jobs with sparkling energy.

Our Goals

  • Provide informative tours of Machu Picchu
  • Educate about Incan culture and history
  • Offer memorable and entertaining trekking experience
  • Maintain a 100 percent locally owned company
  • Uphold the view of supporting our local communities by reinvesting back into them
  • Raising awareness in being socially responsible by creating social projects to promote our cause

Our Vision

  • To create unforgettable experiences
  • To provide high quality personalized service
  • To contribute as a company to the development of the tourism sector
  • To offer high quality treks and tours with small groups while maintaining a reasonable price
  • To use only our own professionally trained staff and guides and high quality camping equipment
  • To create in our visitors an admiration toward the legacy of the Incan culture, heritage and history.

Our Values

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Create a stable client connection during their treks and tours
  • Commitment to the culture and society of the Andean culture
  • Work as a team by sharing knowledge, experience and dedication
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Promote Peruvian based business

Our Ambitions

We hope to build a sustainable company that provides top-quality service to our potential clients, while at the same time, develop methods to provide children and families within the Cusco region with opportunities for education and employment.

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Our License

SAM Travel is a 100% Peruvian tour operator based in Cusco – Peru. We are a a family owned company focused on quality of service and sustainability. We have a passion for social projects and have began a non-profit organization called "In the Hoes of a Porter" where we hope to help one village at a time with necessities like warm boots and proper healthcare. We are fully licensed - a copy of all relevant licenses are shown below.

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