Environmental & Social Responsibility

Environmental & Social Responsibility

Sam Travel Peru is a tourism company based in Peru that offers various travel packages and tours to explore the country’s natural and cultural heritage. As an environmentally and socially responsible company, Sam Travel Peru has taken several measures to minimize its negative impact on the environment and society, while promoting sustainable tourism practices.


Sam Travel Peru hires local guides and staff, providing employment opportunities and supporting the local economy. The company promotes cultural awareness and respect by educating travelers about local customs, traditions, and etiquette. Sam Travel Peru also supports social initiatives in local communities, including education, healthcare, and conservation programs. The company is committed to providing safe and comfortable travel experiences for all travelers.

SAM Travel Peru is socially responsible in that:

  • We are actively involved in setting up social projects to benefit the local communities through which we trek, such as clothing, food, and education support etc.
  • We train the locals in the isolated communities of the Andes in skills such as weaving, raising llamas, & agricultural production and much more.
  • We are very committed to ensuring that the local people benefit through tourism.
  • We create new jobs and opportunities to improve the living standards of the local people and their families
  • We give fair treatment, decent wages for all our local employees and health insurance for our crew and staff.
  • We use locally owned transportation and accommodation.
  • We protect and ensure that the indigenous wisdom of the native Inca communities is not lost.
  • We provide educational scholarships for individuals who lack resources to realize their dreams and reach their potential.

SAM TRAVEL PERU annually is committed to share the spirit of Christmas giving  by participating in activities distribute presents, meals and hot chocolate to around 300 children.

All of these small activities could not happen without the support we have received from so many tourists. We want to thank you for providing us with childrens’ shoes, clothes, and educational materials, which have been so gratefully accepted by all the local communities and families


Sam Travel Peru has implemented a policy to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste generated during tours and office operations. The company uses biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products to minimize the impact on the environment. Sam Travel Peru encourages travelers to use refillable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles and provides water refilling stations during tours. The company also supports conservation efforts of natural areas and protected lands by contributing to local organizations.

SAM TRAVEL PERU believes and is committed in using ECO-TOURISM as a tool to encourage the protection of the natural environment. We endeavor to foster a love and respect of nature through enhanced understanding and awareness, both in our staff and clients.  We create frameworks where the ECO-TOURISM business promotes truly sustainable use of pristine natural environments and nature. These benefits are shared equally and fairly with communities, with no loss to the natural environment.

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