Our Licenses

“SAM Travel Peru is a family owned Travel Agency in Cusco and direct local tour operator based in Cusco with personal and professional experience over many years. SAM Travel Peru is a 100% Cusquenian company without any shareholders. Specializing in personalized treks and tours while providing high quality service to our clients. We are a fully licensed company with the relevant licenses needed to run an honest and wholesome company. (Below are all of our licenses). All of our licenses are obtained through the Peruvian government and tourism department. We are compliant with local laws and are always updating what is needed to ensure we are running an efficient business. We have been recognized by TripAdvisor and are excited to create unforgettable experiences through our treks and tours!.”







The ESNNA Program and Our Commitment

This program in politics for social development and the protection of vulnerable populations is a broad and complex initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).

It aims to raise awareness and provide training to the entire sector in our country with the goal of preventing and ultimately eliminating the sexual exploitation of minors.

ESNNA requests adherence to a Code of Conduct, which is subscribed to with Mincetur. It requires companies to promote this initiative, its rules, and objectives. Moreover, it mandates proper training for employees and suppliers. Of course, SAM TRAVEL PERU commits to operating in compliance with all the requirements of the Code.

Unfortunately, child trafficking is a pressing issue in Peru, but it is being combated. Through the practice of ethically responsible tourism, SAM TRAVEL PERU brings development, economic activity, and an improvement in the quality of life to the destinations we visit. In this regard, our commitment to the ESNNA program also means that we are helping to reduce and eradicate the sexual exploitation of minors.”

What Defines Us !