Guardian of the house in Machu Picchu

The guardian’s house or Guard House at Machu Picchu

The Guard House at Machu Picchu or House of the Guardian is one of the most visited points of Machu Picchu because from there you get the classic postcard photo with the Inca city in the background. It is located in the upper part of the agricultural sector from where you can monitor the entire archaeological site. It is precisely believed that this was its function; that of a guard post

The Guardhouse also known as the Caretakers Hut was a thatched roofed building constructed from fairly crude stones and featured 3 walls and one open long side. The Guard-house was a building used by soldiers who guarded two main entrances to Machu Picchu. From the south there was the Inca Trail from Intipunku (the Sun Gate), which nowadays is the finish of the classic 4 days Inca Trail hike; and from the west the entrance of the main Inca trail from Vilcabamba.

The Guardhouse is one of the first attractions on the upper tourist circuit around Machu Picchu. From its commanding high position in the south of the citadel, it is one of the best places for panoramic views of of whole Machu Picchu inca city and the surrounding Mountains.

Guard post

The guardian’s house is a simple enclosure, made of small stone and adobe. It is the only construction of the citadel whose roofing made of beams and ichu (wild grass from the Andes) remains to this day. Inside there are three squared windows that offer a complete view of Machu Picchu, its access and exit points. It is because of this location that the Guardian’s House is believed to have served as a lookout post.

The Classic Pictures of Machu Picchu

The best view point for picture at Machu Picchu
The Classic Pictures of Machu Picchu

The Guard House at Machu Picchu or House of the Guardian is perhaps the most visited Inca site in all of Machu Picchu area. The reason is that from there it is possible to get the classic postcard photo of the whole Inca city.

In the mornings tourists tend to crowd to get the postcard picture of MachuPicchu. In the afternoons, on the other hand, there are not many tourists who visit the citadel and the Guardian’s House. From the top of Inti punku, the Huayna Picchu Mt and the Machu Picchu Mt you can also get spectacular photos.

How to get there?

Getting to the Guardian’s House is easy. From the entrance gate to Machu Picchu you must follow the signs uphill for about 500 meters on average. This walk can take 10 or 15 minutes. Once there, the tour of the Inca citadel begins.

More information about the guardian’s house

The Guardian’s House is built in a rustic manner, yet it has stood the test of time well. It is also recommended not to touch its walls or lean on them. In the place there is always a guard who guards that no tourist damages this structure.

The security personnel that guards the Guardian’s House can request the tourist to continue with the tour of Machu Picchu if he spends too much time there. It is recommended to allocate 15 minutes on average to take the necessary photos of Machupicchu in this place.

In the vicinity of the Guardian’s House there are flames grazing the green lawn of Machu Picchu. Tourists can photograph themselves with the animal (Llamas) although they are not allowed to disturb them.

Although from the House of the guardian it is possible to get the classic postcard photo of Machu Picchu; this largely depends on the state of the weather. When Machu Picchu dawns with dense fogs it is impossible to get these photographs.

The mornings of January, February and March are when there is more fog in the place.

*** With the new regulation, you need the entrance tickets which includes the circuits #1 or #2 Machu Picchu

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