A Wide Selection of Peruvian Tour Packages to Machu Picchu

Peru has a number of breathtaking natural and cultural attractions, with Machu Picchu being the best-known. This UNESCO World Heritage Site showcases these well-preserved, but mysterious, Incan ruins.

If you’re interested in discovering the sacred grounds of Machu Picchu, join a Sam Travel Peru tour. We offer all-inclusive holiday packages to Machu Picchu and other areas of the country. One of our Machu Picchu vacation packages starts in Cusco or Sacred Valley before continuing onto the actual Incan ruins.

Why Visit Machu Picchu?

This 550-year old citadel is certain to impress tourists, solo travelers and any true adventurer. You won’t regret adding this to your travel bucket list. Here’s why:

  • Magnificent Sights —The view from Machu Picchu will surely make your jaw drop in astonishment. You’ll be amazed by the apus (sacred peaks in Quechua) surrounding the famous ruins.
  • Fascinating Culture — On top of enjoying the beauty of the site, you’ll marvel at the brilliance of the Incan culture. You’ll spend days learning about how the Incas lived during their time.
  • Incredible Architecture — The engineering precision and genius of the Incas are simply mind-blowing. They used ashlar, a building technique in which they cut stone blocks to fit together tightly. This technique is a testament to the site’s structural integrity.
  • Bragging Rights —Travelers see Machu Picchu as a holy grail of backpacker destinations. Once you visit this site, you’ll never stop promoting this incredible place to your friends and family.

With all that this ruin has to offer, it’s easy to understand why so many visit Peru’s heartland. You, too, can see this magnificent Incan landmark for yourself by booking one of our Machu Picchu tour packages. Call (347) 480-1609 for more details.


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  • Enjoy either private or semi-private groups in small groups 2 to 6 persons, maximum of 8.
  • Our tours to Machu Picchu or all inclusive tour packages are priced with or without hotels.
  • We customize our Peru tour packages to meet our client’s desires and needs.
  • We also create customized Machu Picchu tour packages, just let us know what you want to do and see!

A Wide Selection of Peruvian Tour Packages to Machu Picchu

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