Our Educational Project

December of 2017, SAM Travel Peru fulfilled the dreams of 36 children and their parents from the indigenous community of Pampamarca way up in the Andean mountains in the south of Cusco. They got to tour Cusco City, Sacred Valley and the Citadel of Machu Picchu all paid for by SAM Travel Peru. These are children do not have the resources nor ability for many reasons to be able to experience the historical sites of their Inca heritage.  Sam Travel Peru wants to give them a once in a lifetime experience up close and in person of their heritage and restore their pride in their culture, history and Inca heritage. 

Why SAM Travel Takes Children to Machu Picchu

SAM Travel Peru believes it is extremely important to give, the native Indigenous people, the Incas, of the Andean highlands that live way high up in the more isolated mountainous regions around Cusco, the opportunity to see and experience Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, and Cusco, their ancient descendant’s historical sites. We are hoping to restore to the people of the indigenous communities, a pride and an understanding of the importance of their history, heritage, and ancient culture. The people of these communities have been marginalized in some cases by society and may lack basic necessities in their communities of education, health services, adequate food and housing etc. It is sad that millions of foreigners now have the opportunity to experience Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, & Cusco to learn of the Incan heritage, history, and culture and the native Inca populations of these communities in the Cusco. That live so close to Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, and Cusco do not have that privilege to do so.

Last year, 2015, SAM Travel Peru offered the students of the community of Cucani, one of the highest mountain regions around Cusco. a free tour of Cusco, and Sacred Valley. The children had never had an opportunity to travel outside of their isolated community. They also enjoyed the experience of eating rotisserie chicken for the first time. A popular dish here in Cusco. We wanted the children to have an exposure to the broader region around them of Cusco as an educational experience and to learn more about their culture and history in these areas.

In December of 2016, SAM Travel Peru fullfilled the dreams of 22 students by taking these students to Machu Picchu. These students have just finished their high school studies from the very remote Andean Community of Patachancha, an hour uphill outside of Ollantaytamba in the mountains: providing them round trip transportation from their communities to Machu Picchu, train and bus round trip, full meals, and guide service in their own language (Quechua- the Incas language) with the purpose they can know and restore pride in their culture, history and heritage through experiencing it up close and in person. This kind of educational experience is important to the students and it is a great time for them to enjoy a time together.

We would appreciate your support in these social projects of SAM Travel Peru.  You can do this by booking tours and treks with us (we use some of the funds for social projects) and of course donations will be highly appreciated also!

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