Christmas with the Children of Kiswarani Village

SAM Travel Peru was able to do another Christmas Party in December 2016 for the Andean Communities of Huacawasi and Kiswaran.  As a part of our family we want the families of the communities and especially the children to experience the spirit of Christmas.  We had a Santa Claus and some clowns, and we shared with the children the meaning of Christmas, with lots of gifts for everyone.  We had lots of fun and food, hot chocolate and cookies etc.  We played games like tug of war, soccer, and other types of games. The winners of each game received a prize.

Every year near Christmas time, SAM Travel Peru organizes a trip to a village to share hot chocolate, special bread and to give out gifts like clothes, books, school items, toys, with less privileged children. These children live in poor conditions and most have material needs. They often do not have many toys, clothes or other material possessions. We are committed to helping the people in the areas where we work, and sharing with them as a part of our family.

We hope you can come and participate or give a donation for next year if you like. We always welcome donations. You will be able to continuue to help local children and make their Christmas better.

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