New Rules for Machu Picchu Starting January 2019


Machu Picchu citadel is considered a hotspot destination for all of those wanting to check off another place from their bucket list or just have the opportunity to visit this majestic Incan citadel that is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. With that in mind, the Peruvian government has issued new regulations for 2019, in order, to help conserve and maintain this historical site in the most pristine conditions possible.


06:00600 Persons per day
1st Shift
200 Persons per day
1st Shift
200 Persons per day
07:00600 Persons per day
08:00400 Persons per day
2nd Shift
200 Persons per day
2nd Shift
200 Persons per day
09:00560 Persons per day
10:00600 Persons per day
11:00600 Persons per day
12:00360 Persons per day
13:00540 Persons per day
14:00540 Persons per day

**** PLEASE check the limited amounts of entrance tickets for each session.

*****You are only allowed to visit during the time of the session you have purchased, each session is 4 hours long. If you require more time to explore this amazing site, you will need to purchase another entrance ticket.

Highlights of the New Rules

Tour Guide Policy
As of July 1 2017, any visitor wanting to visit Machu Picchu must enter with a licensed tour guide. The tour guide must present a valid and up to date identification card upon arriving at this site along with a list of his/her tour group.

Huayna Picchu & Machu Picchu Mountains

With the new regulations for 2019, there are three different session times:
Huayna Picchu MountainMachu Picchu Mountain
1st Session – 7 to 8 am1st Session- 7 to 8 am
2nd Session – 10 to 11 am2nd Session- 9 to 10am

*** There are no 3rd session for Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain

***** Huayna Picchu mt Its limited to 400 hikers a day, so you will need to plan early to book the extra hike. At least 2 to 3 months in advance.  We will purchase the permit for you with your trek if entrance tickets are available.

****Prices can go from US$35 per person to 7US$75 per person.


When will the new Regulations start?
The new regulations kick in starting January 1th, 2019. At that time, anyone that has already booked will not be affect by this change. New visitors will need to take into account the new time sessions.
Will I be able to explore all of Machu Picchu in one session?
Of course! We coordinate your tour so that we can visit the main points of the citadel with additional time for you to explore before leaving this majestic site.
If I want to visit Machu Picchu Citadel for the second session or a second day, do I need a guide?
New regulations state that you will need a guide on your first day. If you are going to visit on a second day, you must show proof of your first visit (prior entrance ticket) along with a new entrance ticket.
What if I want to spend more time in Machu Picchu?
You are more than welcome to spend more time at this once in a lifetime site but you will be required to purchase another entrance ticket which cost US$60 per person.
Can I climb Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain in the afternoon session?
There will be 2 sessions for these hikes: 7 to 8am, 10 to 11 am.  No afternoon sessions after 12 noon.
What are the 2018-time vs the 2019 time differences?
2018 Times2019 Times
6am to 12 noon6:00am to  9am
12 noon to 5pm9:00am  to 12pm
12pm to 3pm

Each new timeslot will be 4 hours long, meaning you will only be allowed to visit Machu Picchu citadel for 4 hours. If you require more than 4 hours for your visit, you will need to purchase another entrance ticket which cost US$60 per person.

What are the Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain 2019 times?
SessionsMachu Picchu Mountain entrance timesHuayna Picchu Mountain entrance times
1st Session7:00am to  8:00am7:00am to 8:00am
2nd Session9:00am to  10:00am10:00am to 11:00am
Is my tour or trek going to be affected by these changes?
Yes, All the early booking will be affected because this new regulation just came out.
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