cusco day tours


  • SAM Travel has numerous day tours to add to your trek or tour for our clients exclusively.
  • Our day tours have unique itineraries, which allows you to maximize your ability to see more places and sites.
  • We customize, you get to adapt your tour to what you want to see and do, just let us know.
  • Day tours are private and done in small groups of 2 to 8 persons only.
  • The tours include a private driver, van, and private guide just for you.

Cusco City Tour

Sacsayhuayman & Pisac Day Tour.

Our new 1 day tour focuses on the famous archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman, and the Inca Village of Pisac with…
Salt Mines (Salineras) Maras

Tour to Chincheros, Moray and Salt Mines Half Day



This half day tour experience to Chinchero, Moray & Salt Mines, will…

Inti Raymi, Festival of the Sun in Cusco

The Inti Raymi “Festival of the Sun”) was a religious ceremony  of the Inca Empire in honor of the God…

South Valley Tour: Tipon, Piquillacta, Andahuaylillas

This tour takes us to the unique and magnificent archaeological site of Tipon where you enjoy the impressive irrigation system…
Moray Biking Tour

Mountain Bike Tour to Moray & Salt Mines

Enjoy the most scenic Mountain bike tour in a small group, with the best equipment and  an English speaking guide!!,…
Sacred Valley Tour

Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour with Moray & the Salt Mines 1 Days

Places You Visit with SAM Travel Peru in Sacred Valley Tour

Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary for the children Stop at the…
Cusco City Tour

Cusco City Tour

  Cusco or Qosqo in Quechua was the capital of the Inca Empire called Tawantinsuyo.  Cusco, with its special beauty…
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