SAM Travel Peru is your best choice if you truly want to enjoy your trek or tour in Peru, especially in Cusco. We are one of the only tour operators offering the most customized tours packages to Machu Picchu, numerous Classic Inca Trail options 1 to 7 days and other Alternative treks to Machu Picchu! What that means is personalized service tailored to your needs and small groups, averaging 4 to 6 and with a maximum of 8 trekkers.

Our high quality service is not about quantity, nor is it about cheap prices and large groups…. We have a fair-price while providing the best possible service and personalized attention in small groups, and providing the best trekking experience through our unique trekking paths. All you have to do is to immerse yourself in the stunning landscape around you and simply feel the magic of Mother Nature (Pachamama) and the Andes. We carry your gear, prepare your meals, set up your tents, avoid crowded campsites, and take care of all your requirements and details so you can relax and enjoy your trek or tour.

SAM Travel Peru also knows how important it is to trust in a reliable honest operator to create your adventure of a lifetime while in Peru. Check out our reviews and certificates of excellence on, TRIPADVISOR for yourself! Also we are highly recommended on Conde Nast Travelers,  Lonely Planet and by many blogs like: Salkantay/Inka Trail ! July 14th to 20th 2016  Trek de Lares 4 hours, “It’s the journey, not the destination…”Lares Pass – Day 3Trekking in the Sacred ValleyAlli and Ellie hike to Machu Picchu

What Are You Getting for Your Money?

All Treks & Tours are only operated by SAM Travel Peru:  The Company is owned and operated by Saul Alvarez Montalvo a native of Cusco, Peru and experienced guide himself. He is passionate about providing people the best quality service possible. What that means for you is that all our treks and tours are strictly and only operated by SAM TRAVEL PERU with our professional staff. SAM Travel Peru will never pass you onto another company; we will work with you until we get it right…. All the departures are 100% guaranteed – If you are booked and have made your deposit. ! You are going!

Personalized Attention: We have lots of experience in touring & trekking throughout Peru and we are specialists in the Cusco Region. We are a family owned business and based in Cusco, that provides personalized attention to each client’s needs from the very beginning to the very end of our treks and tours. We want you to feel that your needs and desires are important to us, we want you to have the best experience possible. Because we keep our groups small, 4 to 6 on average with a maximum of 8 person, our professional guides can give each client the personalized attention they deserve.

Our Office Staff: are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about offering you great service!! We answer all emails promptly, have online chat services, international phone numbers from the USA, Canada, England, and Australia with which you can call us, or skype us at (samtravelperu). That makes communicating with us easy and personal. We love to hear from you!

Our Tour & Trekking Crews: we hire only the best qualified English speaking guides (Portuguese & French also), have incredible gourmet chefs that can cater to all types of diets, and all of our porters are local indigenous people that live along the tours & trek routes. We believe that it is incredibly important to treat and pay our trekking & tour crews well, including providing uniforms and paying them immediately after the trek or tour is completed.  We take good care of them so they can take good care of you!!

Departures Every Day: We have daily departures for any tour or trek you choose, as long as we have a minimum of 2 participants….


Tours to Machu Picchu & All Inclusive Packages

Tours & Packages: We have the most customized tours and packages for all budgets, that are created to meet our clients’ desires when looking for something unique in a travel experience.  Our adventure tours and all inclusive packages are carefully planned and designed to give the best tour experience possible.  Our tours are done in small groups with an average 4 to 6 persons and a maximum of 8 persons. We have several tours to Machu Picchu to choose from.  We also have many all-inclusive packages; some with treks included and others are comprehensive tours only.  They are priced with hotels or without hotels included if you wish to book your own. We even have a couple of luxury packages, one with the Hiram Bingham train and one with the Andean Explorer luxury train to Puno.

Customized Itineraries: With our tour packages we have the flexibility to adapt them to your needs, such as you want to spend an extra day in Machu Picchu, add an additional tour or change the order a bit.  Just let us know what you want to do and we will send you a customized itinerary.  The details of all of our tours and tour packages can be found on our website at under the titles of “Tours to Machu Picchu” and “Packages”.  Take some time to explore it!


Trekking Programs & Unique Trekking Routes

Customized Trekking Programs: We have the most customized trekking routes to meet our clients’ needs when looking for something different other than the typical classic treks offered everywhere. Our adventure treks are carefully planned and designed to give the best trekking experience possible. Their details can be found ONLY on our site, Take some time to explore our numerous options!

Unique Trekking Routes: SAM Travel Peru is the specialist in creating unique trekking routes, following the original Inca Trail through the Andes Mountain Range. Trekking off the beaten track and camping at places no one else does! No other trek and tour operators do this. This gives you the best possible opportunity to experience the marvels and wonders of the Inca Trail & Alternative Treks like Lares Valley Hike and Salkantay Trek.

Our Treks are Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable & Responsible Tourism! SAM Travel Peru hires only native guides, porters and chefs and provides them a fair livable remuneration for their important services, and free uniforms: jacket, t-shirt, cap and pants. They are paid immediately after their job is completed.

As a part of Responsible tourism, SAM Travel Peru has a belief that it is important to “give back” to the communities that we pass through when we are on our treks. Therefore, as part of our commitment to them and taking our responsibilities seriously in tourism we only hire local people in their area.

The social projects of SAM Travel Peru provide a link between visitors and the Andean communities, via financial donation, and intellectual contribution to projects.

To sustain tourism for the futureSam Travel Peru works on projects to clean and maintain the Incan Trails where they have treks. We take our responsibility in this area seriously.

Some examples of our recent social projects and responsibilities are: “Clean Up Campaign”  “Animal Welfare” The Welfare of the Staff (Office team, Guides and porters)” “GUIDING HIGHLAND STUDENTS INTO THE AMAZING INCA CITIES” “Last Christmas Party with Gifts.”

Great Guides: We carefully choose the best native Inca guides that speak fluent English and whom are passionate about trekking in the Andes. Most of them have a University Degrees in being Professional Guides, they are licensed and have training in Archeology, Anthropology and or Biology.  Before we hire them most of them have 2 or more years of experience.  That means the best possible experience for you with guides that truly speak English and are knowledgeable in the Inca History, Heritage and Culture. Plus, all of our guides get trained by the RED CROSS in first aid and prepared for possible health emergencies.

” The Welfare of the Staff (Office team, Guides and porters)

Fabulous Cooks: Delicious and abundant Buffet style meals, Peruvian and International Cuisine are prepared by our professional and dedicated cooks from a mixture of local and exotic produce. We also cater to vegetarians, other types of special diets and special dietary requirements upon request. We are sure you will enjoy your gourmet meals as you trek the Inca Trail.

The Welfare of the Staff (Office team, Guides and porters)

Our Porters:Hiking the Inca Trail with SAM Travel Peru is a life changing experience with a fully portered trek where your comfort and enjoyment are our first priority. We make sure that you get the best experience for your holiday in Peru while you interact with the locals, explore fantastic sites and re-discover remote ancient Inca towns and buildings. You will also have the opportunity to learn some words in Quechua and discover the fascinating Incan history and culture.

The Welfare of the Staff (Office team, Guides and porters)

Up to Date Equipment and Assistance to Carry Your Duffel Bag:We purchase new equipment every year in a 2 -3 year rotation and are constantly seeking out the most comfortable brands to use. We include thick foam mattresses to all of our clients. We also have available to rent warm clean sleeping bags, Therma-rest Air Mattresses, and Trekking Poles. On all of our treks of 3 to 9 days we use porters or horses to carry your duffel bags, a maximum of 7 kilos which includes your sleeping bag and air mattress. You can relax and enjoy your trek with no worries about carrying your belonging.

Departures Every Day:We have daily departures for any tour or trek you choose, as long as we have a minimum of 2 participants….

SAM Travel Peru team!!

Fabulous Chefs

Delicious Gourmet Buffet Style Meals.

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Great Guides

We carefully choose the best native Inca guides that speak fluent English and whom are passionate about trekking in the Andes.

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Personalized Service

In our small groups of 2 to 8 we can personalize our Service to meet your needs.

Private Bathrooms

We have our own clean private toilet facilities for only our clients.

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Best Equipment

We use Spacious 4 Man professional 4 season Eureka tents for each 2 trekkers.

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Cleaning Campaign

Our Treks and Tours are Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable & Responsible Tourism!

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The Social Projects

We believe in giving back to the local Indigenous Communities through which we trek.

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